Pauline and Chrisa,

Our group tutoring is scheduled by our center staff (secretary, writing
center supervisor, or me). Group tutoring is mostly groups of students from
the same class but sometimes is by subject. We pay our tutors the same
hourly rate regardless of whether they are tutoring one-on-one or a group or
are conducting a workshop with 20 attendees. 

Alan Craig

Coordinator, Dunwoody Learning & Tutoring Center
Georgia Perimeter College
2101 Womack Road
Dunwoody, GA 30338
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I have a question to tack on to Chrisa's question. I'm hoping some of you
can answer this during this discussion. Do you pay your tutors more for a
group tutoring session than you do for an individual session?  We are in the
same situation as Chrisa with maxing out our tutors, so I'm beginning to
assign 2-3 in a group session, as well. Tutors have been asking if they get
paid for both students in a group. Up to this point a group of 2 is paid by
the hour not student.  I'd be very interested in your input. Thanks!

D. Pauline Trummel
Tutorial Programs Instructor/Coordinator Las Positas College
3033 Collier Canyon Rd.
Livermore CA 94551

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