I am about a month into my new job as "Campus Writing Specialist." I
work out of our Study Center and am classified as academic staff. One of
my duties is to "market" writing tutoring services to faculty and
students, so that more students come for writing tutoring and I can make
valuable use of my time. We do not want to focus solely on the English

Specifically, my boss would like me to try to foster relationships with
faculty so that they will invite me into their classes to assist with
peer review, or teach a lesson concerning MLA or grammar, for example. 

I would love advice about how to approach faculty from those of you who
have done something similar to what I am being asked to do, and from
full-time faculty on this list who have been solicited for their help in
promoting certain services your institution offers. 

So far, I have sent out a mass introductory letter about myself and my
services which has resulted in one invitation from a Biology professor
to assist in peer review, and I have just written up a mass follow up
letter to remind people about my services as Mid-terms approach. 

It seems like it would be helpful to call and email professors
individually and ask to come talk to them about what services I can
provide. But if they make it clear they are uninterested, do I just
leave it at that? What more can I do if a professor makes it clear that
they know about my services and that they will contact me if needed,
like one already has? 

Any ideas? Resources? 

Thank you, for your time

Jennifer Ambrose
UW-Waukesha Campus Writing Specialist
Writing Tutor Coordinator

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