Judy Jones
Student Success and Preparedness Project Coordinator
Room 159R
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Department of Mathematics & Computer Science

Madison Area Technical College
3550 Anderson Street
Madison, WI  53704
(608) 246-6258                Fax: (608) 246-6422
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1.  Does your institution have mandatory placement for reading?
We use COMPASS and currently have mandatory placement for English that includes reading.  Starting in Spring 2005, we will have mandatory reading placement for all History courses and the Intro to Psychology course.

2.  What assessment do you use for reading placement?  Do you do a
follow-up assessment to ensure proper placement?
We use COMPASS reading - no follow-up

3.  Do you  require a certain reading placement score as a prerequisite for
any core curriculum courses?  
See #1 above and we will most likely proceed with further course next year.

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