Hello, and happy Friday!
I have a question about how to coordinate group tutoring. I am beginning
to max out my tutors and would like to encourage them to work with
students in small groups of two or three so we can continue to
accommodate our students' needs without hiring more tutors. (I already
have 30 tutors on my staff and I don't have an assistant.) Some of our
instructors are kind enough to help us organize group tutoring by
identifying students in their classes who need help and finding
classroom space for them to meet (which is at a premium on our campus).
However, I don't think most of our instructors have time to help me
manage this and I don't exactly know how to go about it. 

Our tutoring is structured such that when a student requests help, I
give the student the tutor's contact information, and it is up to the
student to initiate the contact and schedule a time to meet with the
tutor. So the tutors and students are in charge of their own schedules.
With this system, the responsibility for scheduling group tutoring would
fall to the tutors. This seems somewhat unfair because they already have
plenty of communication breakdowns when trying to schedule with only one
student at a time, not to mention that our current pay structure does
not allow for them to be compensated extra when they work with groups
instead of one-on-one. I'd be interested to hear how others manage this
situation. Do you pay your students extra when they work with a group?
How are the group sessions scheduled/managed?

Thanks for your feedback.

Chrisa Hotchkiss
Director of Learning Services
The Teaching and Learning Center
Bertrand Hall, room 110
Dominican University of California
50 Acacia Ave.
San Rafael, CA  94901

415-257-0153 (phone)
415-257-0177 (fax)

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