Dear all,


Here is the process I use for the Student Referral Form I posted in an
earlier e-mail...


(this is from the update I provide faculty/staff each semester)


I have attached a copy of the Student Referral Form for your
convenience.  Please complete the form for any referral you make.  This
form helps me to track the students and maintain documentation if the
student submits an appeal to the Academic Actions Committee.  The
purpose of this form is for you to communicate to me any student that is
missing and/or not performing well in your class.  Feel free to make
copies.  I have made a few revisions to the form.  


Here is a reminder of how the referral process works:


If the student is missing...


I will contact the student, find out why he/she has been missing class
using the OnCourse Wise-Choice Process questions, and encourage him/her
to contact you to see if there is an opportunity to make up missed work.
I will also offer the student assistance as needed.  For example, I will
help them with time management or other study skills to stay on task or
catch up in their classes.  During my conversation with the students, I
will let them know that if they do not want to remain in the class that
they need to officially withdraw from course.  I will also inform them
that it is important to officially drop classes if they are not
attending and let them know that if they do not officially drop from the
course that they will more than likely fail the course.  I will share
with them that failing the course may impact their financial aid
eligibility for future semesters in addition to their GPA. 


If the student is not performing well...


Please encourage the student to seek my assistance and forward me the
Student Referral Form with areas that they need to develop.  This
process has worked well for students in Sue Patrick's history courses.
She would provide me a copy of the form she gave the student and I would
follow-up with the student.  I am hoping that our combined efforts and
collaboration in advocating for the student will increase their chances
of success.  In addition, by increasing my visibility on campus through
my classroom visits, I am hoping that students are more receptive to
seeking and receiving my help once they have been referred.  


I will also be using the OnCourse Wise-Choice Process questions to
facilitate my discussion with the students.  Depending on their
particular needs, I will work with the students on study skills
development which may include test-taking strategies, note-taking
skills, time management, etc. or refer them to the Learning Center
tutors if appropriate.  The students and I will also complete a Referral
Agreement (see attached) together detailing the action(s) they believe
will help them get back on track.  I will follow-up with each referred


Related to the referral process, you may also recommend any student that
did not do well on an assignment to see me for help.  I will sit down
with the student to review the assignment and develop strategies to
improve on the next assignment.  These strategies may include seeing a
math or writing tutor.  By catching the students early with their
individual assignments, I am hoping that you will not need to submit a
referral form later in the semester stating that they are failing the
whole course.      




Travis Ramage

Coordinator of Adult Student Services/

Academic Success Program

UW-Barron County

1800 College Drive

Rice Lake, WI  54868

Phone: (715) 234-8176  #5438

Fax: (715) 234-8024

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Good Morning!


I am in the process of creating a web-based form that will be available

faculty to assist my office in quickly identifying students with a "C"

lower in classes typically taken by freshmen and sophomores (i.e. 

Psychology, Eng. 101).  I am interested in looking at forms created by 

other institutes and/or information on how your offices identify

in academic jeopardy.  Eventually we know that this form will need to be

connected to a database through Access, but right now I'm working on 

creating a form that will provide ease of use for faculty members.  Any 

help would be appreciated as this is the first experience I've had in 

creating a web-based structure.  Thanks.


Melissa M. Lantta

Academic Advisor


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