Greetings Community College Colleagues,


My Academic Vice President, at Massasoit Community College, has asked me
and the General and Developmental Education Committee to examine the
organizational and administrative structure of Developmental Education
Programs at other community colleges.

We would greatly appreciate your input. I would like to ask the
following two questions regarding developmental education:

1. What courses are considered developmental at your College?

2. Does your college have a centralized developmental education program?
In your opinion, is this structure effective?


    Does your college have a decentralized developmental education
program? In your opinion, is this structure effective?


I am using Hunter Boylan's definitions from "What Works: Research-Based
Best Practices in Developmental Education". 

"Centralization refers to an organizational arrangement in which
developmental courses and services are highly coordinated, housed in a
single department or program, and headed by a chair or director.
Decentralization refers to those programs for which there is little or
no coordination of the developmental education effort, there are
developmental courses and services offered in different departments and
programs, and there is no campus-wide administrator for developmental
education." (Boylan, 2002, p. 8)


I thank you in advance for your response.


Linda S. McAlpine

Coordinator of Instructional Technology

Massasoit Community College

1 Massasoit Blvd.

Brockton, MA  02302

Voice:  508-588-9100 ext. 1613

Fax:     508-427-1250


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