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ATP On-Line Workshop Series - Final Call


The ATP is happy to announce the eighth in its series of on-line
workshops.  This workshop, Cognitive Learning and Its Applications to
the Tutorial Setting, will be offered as an open entry/open exit
workshop where participants may visit any module at any time.  This
workshop will be offered October 21, 2006 through November 19, 2006.

The workshop topics include: Current Understanding of Brain Physiology:
Memory-Storage and Access; Learning Styles and Cognition (with a revised
module on Graphic Organizers); Cognitive Theories: Piaget, Gardner,
Bloom; Language Acquisition: Reading, Writing and Math; Goal
Setting-long term, short term and during the tutorial session; Problem
Solving Strategies (COPE; Critical Thinking-A Systematic Approach);
Scenarios (applications and strategies for the tutorial setting). 


Using the definition of cognitive learning as "a conscious learning
process, such as thinking, remembering and applying information that can
be used to gain knowledge about perceptions and/or ideas and to use that
knowledge to identify and solve problems and evaluate results," workshop
topics have been developed to meet the needs of individuals with little
experience in cognitive learning techniques but also to serve
individuals and programs that have a greater understanding of the
cognitive process.  It is the goal of the workshop to allow participants
to get a very broad view of the range of cognitive learning and
cognitive strategies that may be used in the tutorial setting.   Each
participant will work independently, but on-going communication on the
discussion board for each module will allow everyone to share
experiences and network with other professionals.  

Workshop presenters include: Cora Dzubak (Penn State - York), Jack
Truschel (East Stroudsburg University), Beth Nikopoulos, (Brookhaven
College), Charles Purdy (Brookhaven College), Jim Valkenburg (Delta
College) and Tracey Williams (Tyler Junior College).

The intended audience is tutors and tutor trainers.   This workshop will
count as two CEUs toward tutor or tutor trainer certification; however,
active participation on the discussion board for all modules is required
to earn the certificate of completion.  


The cost of this workshop is $40 for ATP members and $65 for
non-members.  However, you may become a member and enroll for the
workshop at the same time.  You may register for the workshop on-line at
<>  .  Arrangements for payment
will be made to allow all registrants to enter the workshop.
Instructions for the use of the teaching/learning platform will also be
sent to each participant.  If you have any questions, please contact Jim
Valkenburg at [log in to unmask] .


*This tutor training is not intended to take the place of training
provided by colleges or organizations that already provide certification
training for tutors. However, ATP online training workshops may
contribute to a tutor's development and enhance such training if guided
by the organization's tutor coordinator. For this reason, ATP encourages
tutor coordinators to take ATP online training sessions along with their



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