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so friendster was just awarded patent no 2: number 7,117,254  (on the 
us pto site you can do a quick search with the number) entitled, 
"Method of inducing content uploads in a social network"...and they 
wrote to gigaom to tell him more (link to post is

salient excerpt, "Friendster1 just wrote in to tell us it has been 
granted a second social networking patent2. The patent basically 
covers uploading a photo and associating it with someone you are 
connected to on an online social network. Friendster also claims it 
should extend to "videos, audio, comments, and any other content 
type, supported in public or private forums, within a social network."

does this seem like a practical approach to a patent - or does the us 
pto simply not understand the dynamics of networks and relationships 
might develop or be manipulated within a site like friendster, myspace, etc..?

per the patent, note the use of degrees as key element of definition, 
"A method of inducing content uploads in an online network includes 
the steps of storing content relating to a first member of the 
network that is submitted by a second member of the network, 
receiving approval of the content from the first member, and 
associating the content with the first member. The uploaded content 
may comprise an image file containing a photo of the first member and 
a caption associated with the photo image. The second user uploads 
the content relating to the first member using a GUI. This GUI is 
made available to the second user through a hyperlink that appears 
when a profile page of the first member is accessed if the degree of 
separation between the first member and the second member is less 
than or equal to a maximum degree of separation set by the first 
user. On the other hand, the hyperlink to this GUI will not appear 
when the profile page of the first member is accessed by the second 
member if the degree of separation between the first member and the 
second member is greater than the maximum degree of separation set by 
the first user. The default setting for this maximum degree of 
separation is one."

thoughts? reactions?

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