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Here are a list of recent SNA projects that I have been involved in, 
either directly or indirectly.  Notice many of them can be categorized 
as "business applications".  I am sure others who do SNA consulting 
have a similar list.

* Map and weave a nationwide volunteer network
* Improve the innovation of a group of scientists and researchers in a 
worldwide organization
* Find emergent leaders in fast growing company
* Improve leadership and team chemistry for sports franchises
* Build a grass roots political campaign
* Determine influential journalists and analysts in the IT industry
* Unmask the spread of HIV in a prison system
* Map executive's personal network based on email flows
* Discover the network of Innovators in a regional economy
* Analyze book selling patterns to position a new book
* Map a group of entrepreneurs in a specific marketspace
* Find an organization's go-to people in various knowledge domains
* Map interactions amongst blogs on various topics
* Reveal key players in an investigative news story
* Map national network of professionals involved in a change effort
* Improve the functioning of various project teams
* Map communities of expertise in various medical fields
* Help large organization locate employees in new buildings
* Examine a network of farm animals to analyze how disease spreads from 
one cow to another
* Map network of Jazz musicians based on musical styles and CD sales
* Discover emergent communities of interest amongst faculty at various 
* Reveal cross-border knowledge flows based on research publications
* Expose business ties & financial flows to investigate possible 
criminal behavior
* Uncover network of characters in a fictional work
* Analyze managers' networks for succession planning
* Discern useful patterns in clickstreams on the WWW
* Locate technical experts and the paths to access them in engineering 


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