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On 10/7/06, Moses Boudourides <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
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> I'm just wondering: is this a mere naiveté or why do people around
> business tend to  identify social networks with gimmicks like MySpace?
> What do they see that sociologists cannot understand?  Your cues will
> be appreciated.
> --Moses
> [snip long articles]

What sickens me is that the focus of these business-perspective
articles is how these sites are a new way to make money by profiling
users or using network effects. This perspective can never work! It is
precisely this perspective of exploitation that people naturally
resist, and the very same network effects will quickly clamp down on
any such perceived threat. Perhaps it will create success in some
early cases when it's still cool, like alternate-reality-games which
are just now getting to be recognized the critical amount of people
who will make it not novel enough to work anymore, but that doesn't
work in general. Stupid, short-sighted business people.
(p.s.: something like Snakes on a Plane will always work because the
reason it was popular was because the intanetz caught on to the silly
title and soon after the fact that the creators were going to deliver
exactly what was expected from the title, and especially that Samuel L
Jackson was "cool" and accepted as a sort of honourary member of the
intanetz, if that makes any sort of sense at all)

I think that perhaps if business people associate
MySpace=={blogs+music+video+shiny icons+customization+profiles}==$$
it's because all they read are stupid uninformed articles like these.
But I don't know enough business people personally to say if that's
true or not.

Here's a sociological question for someone to study, then: what's the
difference in attitude between {business,math,arts,nonacademic}-types,
and why?


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