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Great article, I agree!

If I had to pick on something, it would be the very last quote:

> -----Original Message-----
> But clearly, the technology could also enable a surveillance society.
> "We'll
> have the capability, and it will be up to society to determine how we
> it," Dr. Rashid said. "Society will determine that, not scientists."

When did scientists get kicked out of society?? I've never quite
understood claims to either of the extremes: the "mad scientist" extreme
in which scientists rule the world, nor the "isolationist" extreme in
which a scientist has *no* say, that it is left to others to decide what
to do with the creations of scientists. At worst, shouldn't a scientist
have a say in that determination that is *equal* to that of everyone
else? Or rather, that the contribution they make to that determination
is *independent* of their status as a scientist?

But I'm nitpicking, I'm sure... 


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