I have a more general question related to the rationale of outsourcing on-
line tutoring such as Smarthinking. I was just discussing this with 
colleague and am interested in other's thoughts on the matter.

When we consider outsourcing, are we doing our students a disservice by 
overlooking the current student staff resource available on larger 
institutional campuses? Many of the learning assistance programs use peer 
learning assistants which provide exceptional personal and professional 
development opportunities outside the classroom (leadership development). 

If we can provide peer to peer assistance on campus, what are the limiting 
factors of providing on-line synchronous or asynchronous academic 
assistance applying the same principles of training and development we do 
for our students who are trained as face to face tutors? 

Thanks for your feedback and discussion on this issue.

Tammy Pratt, Director
Assessment and Learning Center
650 Parrington Oval
Norman, OK 73019
Ph: 405-325-4336
Fax: 405-325-1870
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