Thank you for responses. I did see that Smarthinking offers customization 
to use student staff. I also looked at the alumni writing tutors research.

But let me clarify my questions. Even if we are only 'supplementing' our 
tutoring with on-line services (outsourced) why can't WE 
hire/train/develop our existing student population to run a 24/7 online 
tutoring service?

Certainly, there is an issue of cost. However, when we look at factors 
that positively impact students(i.e. retention due to working 'on-campus', 
leadership development, effective use of resources, excellent training and 
learning experiences) I believe a good argument can be formed to justify 

Also, I understand that community colleges and others may not 
have 'student resources' such as a large institution may have. This issue 
certainly must be considered.

Again, I am wondering, why are we overlooking the potential resources that 
are available right under our feet? Is it justifiable to go the 'cheaper' 
route, purchase technology, and overlook an aspect of our mission of 
assisting the learning experiences of students? We know that experienced 
base learning is effective. Why aren't we exploiting it on our own 

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