Developmental Mathematics Departments,

   I am a graduate student conducting research on maximizing time in the 
developmental mathematics classroom and am researching various methods of 
assessing student learning that maximize classroom instruction/active-
learning time. I believe that if assessment software is used correctly, it 
can assess student understanding while providing instant feedback to the 
student, all taking place outside of the classroom on the students own 
time. With pencil/paper homework, once the student is frustrated they give 
up until the instructor goes over the assignment the next class period; 
understanding is always playing "catch-up". It is my hypothesis, that if 
instructors spent less time outside of the classroom on student data 
maintenence and could maximize classroom instructional time, instructors 
would have more time to develop and implement more meaningful lessons. If 
student understanding was taking place outside of the classroom, the 
instructor could literaly move on to a new topic each day. 
   I am aware that there are various software packages available that 
assess student learning outside of the classroom and keep up with grading 
automatically. If anyone has used products such as ALEKS, EDUSPACE, Course 
Compass w/MyMathLab, ModuMath, Maple TA, or EnableMath, could you please 
provide testimonial as to whether (a)using these products has decreased 
the need to assess constantly in the classroom (by going over homework 
problems or quizzing), and (b)do these products save the instructor time 
outside of the classroom (grading assessments/providing written feedback, 
i.e. homework, quizzes). Any testimonials to these products however brief 
would add to my research and would be appreciated.

We have on our campus at our disposal BlackBoard wo/EDUSPACE and TRACS. If 
anyone uses or has piloted these products I am interested in those 
testimonials as well.


Bryan R. Cockerham
Graduate Instructional Assistant - Math Dapartment
Texas State University-San Marcos
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