I have recently lost the use of a very simple employee scheduling
program that was created by a former lab manager and designed to run on
Windows 98.  With no updates, it just doesn't work anymore.  I have
loved this program and was determined to get a comparable replacement. 
I could find nothing on the market that had the simple ease that I was
looking for.

I found a computer programmer who is designing a new program, which is
even better than the
old one, without complicating it.  He is considering selling it to
places that schedule student employees.  If you are creating your
employee work schedule with paper and pencil or even in Excel, you might
just fall in love with this software.  

A simple description of the software:
In one window I check the hours that a student is available to work. 
In another window, I can see the available hours, and I check the hours
that I schedule the tutor to work.  On the main schedule I can see who
is working each hour and by right clicking I can see who is available to
work that hour. I can add or delete tutors hours on the main schedule. 
The main schedule and tutors' individual schedules can be printed. 
That's the basics of it.

I don't know pricing, yet.  It is still in development, but should be
done in time for next semester's scheduling.  

If you want more information about this program when it is ready,
please email me directly -- not something we want to fill up the
listserve with.  Here's my address for a quick link: 
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Kathryn Van Wagoner
Math Lab Manager
Utah Valley State College

ad-van-tage   n.  A factor conducive to success.

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