November 13, 2006

Issue 19





CCRC Associate Director Jim Jacobs to present to the Community College
Congressional Caucus >> More information is available at:


Inside Higher Ed Features CCRC Research

The article, Age and Remediation, featured in the October 30th issue of
Inside Higher Ed, discusses conclusions drawn from CCRC's recent study on
enrollment pathways and milestones. >> Learn more at:




Stepping Stones to a Degree: The Impact of Enrollment Pathways and
Milestones on Community College Student Outcomes (CCRC Working Paper No. 4)

This full-length report details CCRC's study on the impact of enrollment
pathways (such as remediation) and enrollment milestones (such as attaining
a certain number of credits) on educational outcomes of older students with
those of traditional-age students. 

>> Download this paper at:



*Helping Students Enter and Succeed: Access, Success and Accountability
Policies in the Achieving the Dream States 

This article, featured in the October/November issue of the Community
College Journal, describes what the seven original participating states in
the Achieving the Dream are doing to help community college students
succeed, particularly students of color and low-income students. It also
offers recommendations for future state policy. >> Learn more about this
article at:


*The above Helping Students Enter. will have this info on CCRC page:

>> Online subscribers of the 'Community College Journal' can read this
article in its entirety at: at which you'll
arrive at the entrance to the AACC databases Authorized Users Only; however,
new registering takes only a few minutes and then your in unless you're
already in.  Furthermore, if you want to get to it now, click
&site=AACC and then click on VOLUMES FROM THE 2000S then, at the bottom is
the link Volume 77, Number 2, October-November 2006. Helping students. is on
pp. 33-37.










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