We use the term "Peer Educator." "Tutoring" has been eliminated from our 
schedules (called "Walk-In Peer Assistance") and marketing (we also got 
permission to use NADE's motto). "Tutoring" does have a remedial, deficit 
connotation for many students; a place to go when you fall behind, fail, 
and/or need immediate help. Changing names is but one way we strive to 
promote ongoing, independent learning in our program.

Sally Lipsky, Ph.D.
Peer Assistance Coordinator
Department of Developmental Studies/LEC
202 Pratt Hall
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Indiana, PA  15705
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We considered the "stigma" issue a few years ago as we were moving to a
new location and considering a name change.  We use the department name
of Academic Tutoring which puts us at or near the top of any
alphabetical listings, as well as implied a stronger connection to
academics.  Then we decided to do our best to remove the stigma that can
be associated with tutoring.

We have worked on many levels to send the message that tutoring is for
"everyone."  We are careful to use marketing messages that are not just
aimed at the "struggling" student.  With permission from NADE, we use
their motto in our marketing materials.

It seems that some of the stigma comes from the fact that when you are
in high school, you only use tutoring when you are doing poorly in
school.  So when we are addressing groups of incoming high school
students or new freshmen we explain that in college "tutoring is for

Kathryn Van Wagoner
Math Lab Manager
Utah Valley State College
ad-van-tage   n.  A factor conducive to success.

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We are looking for alternative names to call our tutors.  With the
stigma attached to the word "tutoring," we are trying to come up with
something different to call them. Any ideas?

Have a great day!
Mary Wills
Coordinator of Tutorial Services
Academic Support
E-mail: [log in to unmask]
Tel:  426-5436

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