I am seeking ideas for tracking individual tutoring sessions for Student Support Services, a TRIO program.    I now have in place a system where the tutor prepares a summary sheet that students sign each tutoring session.  The tutor also signs the sheet and turns it in every two weeks along with a timesheet.   My problem lies in the fact that the college wants  timesheets now need to be in before the end of the pay period which means tutors are projecting  their hours before some sessions take place.  I now have the problem of tracking these summary sheets to ensure that  the documentation is all there.  The tutors are generally responsible to get this paperwork back to me, but I still have a few who forget or mix the sheets with the documentation for the current pay period.  

I would like to know what other tutoring centers do to track individual tutoring sessions.  Thank you.


Sandy Kolkay
Coordinator of Tutoring and Learning Enhancement Specialists
Waubonsee Community College
COL 159
630-466-7900, Ext. 2576

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