Hello Listers,

	If your program is still using any type of learning styles
instruments or models you must attend this conference and learn more
about how the Let Me Learn Process is making a significant difference in
teaching and learning in higher education.  We have imbedded this
process into our Learning Assistance Program for the past several years
with truly transformational results.  Our implementation of this process
has included support for students at all levels from incoming freshmen
to our medical students. 

	In the literature on metacognition Flavell (1979) calls for
learners to acquire knowledge of their cognitive processes that can then
be used to control the learning approach based on the demands of the
task.  This is a comprehensive system that utilizes a practical lexicon
of terms that brings to light the brain-mind connection and leads
learners to become more intentionally strategic. 

	John Gardner will provide the keynote address and Dr. Christine
Johnston, the Let Me Learn Process originator, will be speaking and
facilitating the pre-conference program.  This is an opportunity to
interact with many practitioners personally as well as participate in
the pre-conference workshop on Sunday afternoon where you can take the
LCI and directly experience the process yourself. 

	If you don't believe me just listen to this student.  I just
received this reflection (unsolicited) from a pre-medical student . . . 

". . . my greatest downfall in my undergraduate career has been "second
guessing" my potential, letting my emotions control my confidence. . . .
I don't know why I was that way (primarily because I was not aware of my
weaknesses and strengths). But, you have shown me "the other face of
myself". I took calculus in freshman year and  got a "D".  Now, I am
going back to fill the gaps by taking Pre-calculus and I am getting
100's and 90's on the exams . . . not because I have become smarter or I
have unknown powers - you have shown me how to utilize my strengths and
capture my weaknesses before they take over!   It takes me less time and
I have become more efficient."

	So don't miss this opportunity.  I have attached the brochure
and suggest you visit the website for more information.  Please feel
free to contact me off list for more information about our experiences
with this program.

Let Me Learn:

Conference website:

Patricia Maher, Ph. D.
Director, Learning Assistance Services
University of South Florida
4202 East Fowler Ave.
Tampa, FL  33620-5089
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