In response to this topic I posted a note about our Critical Reading and
Writing Class and suggested emailing me for more info.  I have received
so many requests that I decided to post the details on the list for the
benefit of anyone who might be interested.    

The syllabus for this semester is attached and the required text,
America Now is on the syllabus.  While our faculty have been very happy
with America Now as the primary skills text, they have added a
challenging series to the mix that students use in our reading lab - 

2006 TAKING SIDES SET, Fourth Edition
Contemporary Learning Series (formerly Dushkin);  
ISBN: 0-07-332024-2,

Taking Sides is topical series that offers challenging persuasive essays
both for and against each issue with a discussion section.  The series
has many topical editions with ongoing updates.  Students use a
selection from this series to write at least 2 persuasive papers in the

This 4 credit course involves 3 credits of in-class discussion and
instruction on critical reading and writing and an additional 1-credit
working weekly in the reading lab to enhance speed and comprehension.  

Patricia Maher, Ph. D.
Director, Learning Assistance Services
University of South Florida
4202 East Fowler Ave.
Tampa, FL  33620-5089
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