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Hi Folks - 

Perhaps I missed it, but I've not seen much mention of a fairly new journal that might be of 
interest to many on this list (and a search of the archives didn't reveal anything).

_Structure and Dynamics_ is a fully peer reviewed, online journal focusing on questions 
related to social networks, anthropology and sociology.  Edited by Douglas White, Robert 
Manlove, Murray Leaf, Robert Garfias, Benjamin Colby and Duran Bell.

Part of the goal is to use the electronic resources of an eJournal to do things that are hard to 
in print.  So, for example, they have just started a practice of publishing full  (but exceptional) 
dissertations, to help move those out into a space where people will see them.  The use of 
dynamic images, color, easy options for reader comments and so forth make it a very nice 

In full disclosure, I recently published a paper there 

I wanted a forum where users could change my assumptions and use newly updated data, so 
we were able to create a web-based calculator for readers to try scenarios themselves.  The 
review process was excellent -- fast, careful, challenging.  Just what you'd hope for.

I hope folks make use of this new resource, and kudos to Doug, Robert, and the folks at 
MBS at Irvine for getting this started.

All the best,

James Moody
Associate Professor of Sociology
Duke University

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