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On 11/13/06, Vladimir Batagelj <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>   Usually the distribution of weights is far from normal -

Yes, Vlado, I agree with you. In fact in a simulation (of a sort of a
minority game) I'm running, the distribution of weights as well as the
distribution of degrees is scale-free (power law), which is a typical
situation for gradient networks. In any case, I just wanted to know if
there exists an easy way to compute averages and s.d. from inside
pajek/ucinet. But what you've told me might do the job too.



>   the average and are not very informative.
>   To get in Pajek the distribution (histogram) of weights use
>      Info / Network / Line values
>   Then you can compute average and by hand ;-)
>   Vlado
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