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Dear All,

Some time ago i promised a social network report to those who were interested - I still have email contact addresses.

There have been delays due to my severe depression, which is under control and which I am working on on an almost dailly basis.  It is journey of discovery.  I know I am in good company what with the likes of Bukowski and Hemingway and Churchill.

I was getting to the report when I had a serious cycling accident.  A car pulled out in front of me - I was literally inches away.  I had no broken bones or internal injuries, but the paramedic, who is a cyclist himself, told me I survived, literally, for two reasons.  First, I was fit enough for my body to take tne impact.  This was annoying because I didn't think I was that fit (yet).  Second, I was wearing a cyclng helmet;there is a coffee-cup-sized piece missing from my helmet over the left temple, and a piece of glass from my glasses embedded in the top of the helmet.  I am just beginning to work throught the PTSD elements (which are hopefully relatively mild).

Not wishing to end a long story, but feeling obliged to do so, let me finish by saying I have not forgotted the report.  Thank you for your patience.  The work has been marked (it was part of an MSc) and I achieved a distinction.  Given Cardiff University Psychology department is world class this  probably means one of two things: Either standards have dropped, or the work was actually OK.  For my part I think the concepts and data were excellent, if controversial (plenty of room for purists to pooh-pooh).  I was not happy with the way I wrote it up as I could have done better.  There we go.

FOr everybody who took part, thank you for your contributions.  I look forward to sharing as soon as I am able.

Finally, if anyone would like a write up re the depression send me an email titled 'depression' and I will send you a pdf.  If you like the style and would like a write up re the bike accident send me an email titled 'bike'.  Probably the more interesting write up I have on my depression relates it to running, so that is the one I would prefer to send.

Best wishes to all

Bill Fear

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