Hi All
   Kevin & Marie Dailey and I visited Ft. Clinch - Fernandina Beach - Sunday 
- 10AM.

We walked to the end of the pier and scanned and found a 1st year male common 
eider about 250 yards from the end of the pier on the north side of the 
jetties.  We had high incoming tide with turbulent waters and north winds, but 
could see the duck surface from time to time near the jetties.   You have to scope 
out past the 'block barracades' to find this duck and takes a great deal of 

We consulted several field guides and feel we had a 1st year/young male 
common eider as described in Sibley and with photo in the Kaufman guide.  The bird 
was dark headed, white chested and had a dark bill.   We were also seeing the 
sprinkling of white on the back of the bird.   With the rough waters, we could 
get only quick glimpses, but watched the duck for well over an hour.

There were also red-breasted mergansers and cormorants in the area.  We did 
not find any purple sandpiper today after an exhaustive search through the 
grass/weed line on the shore.

thanks (and thanks to Anne Turner for alerting us about this bird)
Diane Reed
St. Augustine, Fl.

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