Hi all,

I had a dark morph immature Swainson's Hawk this afternoon in Brandon 
as I was on my way to Lowe's to buy bird seed! I was only about 400 
yards from my house on Lakewood Drive .8 of a mile north of SR 60 (at 
the CSX railroad tracks) when I saw the bird soaring low overhead with 
a group of Turkey Vultures. I watched the bird for several minutes as 
it moved off to the NW over my subdivision and on north of Woodberry 
(Limona Road). The long, very dark, slender, pointed wings separated it 
 from a dark morph juvenile Red-tailed (which I have never seen in many 
years of birding in Florida). This makes the third report of Swainson's 
hawk in eastern Hillsborough County in the past three years, all within 
about 5 miles of my house. I did not see the other two - this was a new 
bird for hillsborough County for me.
Good birding,


David Goodwin
Brandon, FL
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"Quick Hoatzin, the game's afoot!"
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