I don't know of any such companies, but a couple of years ago I taught a
couple of evening adult education classes on records management and personal
archives at a local church.  A majority of those who attended were older
people with many questions about what to do with old bills, tax returns,
Medicare/Medicaid paperwork, insurance claims, etc.  

Many of them were just looking for validation in disposing of some the
un-needed (beyond retention period) records they were holding.  Many were
also looking for simple filing schemes and methods to get and stay
organized.  It was a good experience and I may do it again sometime.

The classes were entitled something like "Thinking Inside the Box - Managing
Your Personal Records" and "Thinking Inside the Acid-Free Box - A Guide to
Personal Archives"

Tod Chernikoff, CRM

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Many of the Records Management professionals have started their own
business as records management consultants after their retirement. I was
wondering has anyone seen RM professionals start a business caring for
the records of the elderly?  It seems to me that there are many older
people who need advice on their records, financial and otherwise.  I am
sure their caretakers would appreciate advice and guidance on what to do
with mounds of paper from medical claims, bills, etc.  Does anyone know
of existing companies?


Ms. Laura F. Bell

DOT Directives & Records Management

Office of the Secretary of Transportation

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