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Subject: GRU wants to install 200kW of solar to cover parking lots

For the last two years, I have suggested to the city and GRU that we should
cover our parking lots with solar panels so that we generate green energy
individuals with an electric bike (like myself) could charge their bike
shopping or going to the movies.

It looks like GRU worked the numbers and realized that it is not a bad idea
after all. They have submitted a grant proposal to install 200kW of solar
panels to cover parking lots. The project will be discussed during Monday's
city commission meeting.

If you can't make it to the meeting, you should be able to view it on cable
channel 12 or you can watch it online at a later point. More information on
this can be found on page 31 of Monday's city commission agenda:

This could be the beginning of a new solar age in Gainesville.