I squeezed in a short trip to J.R. Alford Greenway at the end of
Pedrick Road on Tallahassee's eastside. It had rained, but the birds
abliged for the most part. The highlight of the trip was a gorgeous
Fox Sparrow in the same spot where I located some Juncos a few weeks
back. I know this bird is a blocker on the Florida list for many
folks, so hopefully others can locate it.

From the parking lot, walk out along the gravel tire tracks (east)
until the gravel track makes a serious right turn. Just before this
turn there will be obvious tire tracks veering off to the left. Follow
this track through the treeline and you will come to a large
rectangular patch of brushy weeds. This weedy patch is where I found
the Fox Sparrow. When I pished it perched up high on one of the tall
weeds and just sat there for over five minutes. It didn't seem
bothered with me switching between my notepad in bins. The bird first
caught my attention because the reddish/rufous was arresting with the
sun behind me. Flying away the reddish/orange rump area was brilliant.
After I first pished I had the Fox Sparrow and a White-throated in the
same view, and the size-difference was really obvious. After about
five minutes the bird flew to the far north-east corner of this patch
where it perched much lower for about 3-4 more minutes. You can't
mistake this bird for anything else.

This is only my second Fox Sparrow in Leon County, the other being
about 5 years ago in Southwood.

Good Luck!

Rob Lengacher
Tallahassee, FL
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