Today, at about 3:30PM, at the busy intersection of Livingston Rd. &  
Vanderbilt Beach Rd, about 1/2 miles from my home, I saw a light  
morph Short-tailed Hawk hovering over "Tiburón" -- Greg "The Shark"  
Norman's/Ritz-Carlton's ultra-mega-golf course and country club here  
in Naples. I watched this bird for more than five minutes had  
incredible views as it soared and dipped just above the tree line. I  
could clearly see the dark head and white chin on this bird. Although  
I have seen other Short-tailed Hawks here in Collier County, this is  
one of the best and most prolonged views I've had of one in a long  
time. The sad thing is that the intersection where I saw this bird is  
destined to become yet another shopping Mecca in the not-to-distant  
future. Just what Naples needs. Local birders should watch for this  
bird as it may be utilizing the nearby North Naples Community Park or  
the Tiburón Country Club for a local place to forage, etc.


Vincent Lucas
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