Hello Brian and other experts in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. 

I wanted to apologize for saying "Why haven't experts gone to see or 
photograph the grebe yet". I didn't mean to even imply that those who had 
already seen the bird were less than experts; I was just trying to say to 
all who were debating the issue online that they were debating a bird they 
hadn't personally seen and thought they should do so…

Anyway, I hope you understand and I hope to meet you out in the field some 
day and so I can apologize personally. I was quickly corrected for the 
comment by several TAS members who have been around a while.

As for me, I am no expert and when I saw the Eared Grebe Saturday morning, 
I was seeing my first. By the time I did see the bird I was well equipped 
to ID it as an eared grebe. I had seen many photos of both the eared and 
horned grebe and truly the two are quite distinct even though they could 
be considered similar to many.

I took a few photos that morning and they are posted at:

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