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Dear NEW subscribers: If you are not sure why you are receiving this email, 
you probably put your name on our list for Free Your PC two weeks ago. Should 
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This Wednesday evening we will again be hosting CopyNight at Tim & Terry's at 
7pm. Please feel free to attend and bring all your friends who might be 
interested in this fun social gathering. It's not all about copyright, we 
More info:

Furthermore, if you aren't subscribed to our blog you might not know that 
submissions for Open Art 2008 are open and will be so till Monday, October 
29th. This means 6 more days in which you can submit your snapshot, collage 
or artwork to be displayed in an exhibit during spring semester as well as be 
available online under a Creative Commons license.
More information:

Finally, if you were interested in the applications we installed during Free 
Your PC and where you can find them, here is the list:

Hendrik Grahl
President, Florida Free Culture

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