Date:      5 February 2007

To:        All UF Graduate Students

From:      Courtney Barclay
           Journal of Law and Public Policy
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The Journal of Law and Public Policy, an interdisciplinary, non-partisan
publication on domestic legal and social issues, is soliticing submissions
from all UF graduate students. The submission deadline is 5:00 p.m. on
Friday, 23 February 2007.

Founded in 1987, the journal fosters contemporary discourse on judicial
decisions, legislation, law reform, and other legal and social issues facing
public policy decision-makers. Each published issue contains both analytical
and thought-provoking articles written by lawyers, judges, scholars and
public officials. The journal is published three times a year by the UF
Levin College of Law and is nationally ranked among the top ten law and
public policy legal journals.

The journal is the only interdisciplinary publication at the law school. It
is designed to serve the needs of professionals, researchers, instructors
and students in the academic fields of law and public policy, journalism and
mass communications, business and social science and other related
disciplines, as well as law libraries, policy analysts and public officials.
To increase interdisciplinary membership, the journal holds a writing
competition each semester that allows students from all UF graduate programs
to compete for membership to the journal. As a graduate student, you may
submit a paper written for a non-law, graduate-level course. Though not
required, it is preferred that the paper focus on the public policy or legal
concerns of your chosen field. These papers will be evaluated for
publishable quality. Authors of papers meeting that standard will be invited
to join the Journal. This semester's deadline is 5:00 p.m. on Friday, 23
February 2007.

Joining the journal as a graduate student provides you with the unique
opportunity of understanding academic publishing from a journal's
perspective. You will assist in the preparation of journal publication
through research and article edits, as well as have the opportunity to make
more direct contributions to the direction of the journal as part of its
editorial board.

For more details and an interdisciplinary information packet that includes
all specific requirements for your submission, please e-mail Courtney
Barclay at:

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Thank you. We look forward to your submissions.