Date:  28 August 2007

To:    All UF Graduate Students

From:  UF Graduate School

RE:    Welcome to the UF Graduate Student Listserv

Welcome to the UF Graduate Student Listserv.

The UF Graduate Student Listserv is a service of the UF Graduate School to
keep you informed of academic, research and financial opportunities, as well
as important deadlines and critical dates for graduate students.

This listserv is automatically updated daily every semester to include all
currently enrolled graduate students. Because we want all graduate students
to have the same official information, there is no way to opt of this
listserv. We strive to keep its messages as broad-based as possible, but
realize some messages may not apply to all graduate students. In such cases,
simply delete messages that do not apply to you -- or, better yet, share
them with a colleague for whom you think they might be useful!

If you need to respond to a message sent over the listserv, please be sure
to send it to the e-mail address in the body of the message, rather than to
the sender, as we are sending out these messages on behalf of other
administrative and academic units on campus.

Thank you. Good luck and much success to you in your graduate studies at UF
this semester!