I suppose it's on me to opine (as it were) to Jordan that pining for a spell checker would have done him little good. Since pining is--as he so eloquently pointed out--a legitimate word, a spell checker would have passed it with flying colors. A really high-level grammar checker might have spotted the error, however....
As for Jim, the problem with his program appears to be that he is relying on the rider who originated the trip to create the map and hand it out to friends. The real interest in such a program would be from riders from outside the area, who are on vacation or whatever, and looking for great rides to take in areas where the roads and the local riders are unfamiliar to them. The way to do this would be via a website where all of the rides could be posted. Serious bike riders (my sister leaves 29 June for a trip up the New York side of  Lake Champlain to the Canadian border, and down the Vermont side--700 miles in 10 days) would likely be happy to pay a subscription of say, $10 to $25 per year to find out about these little side rides in their intended vacation areas. Come to think of it, that might have commercial potential. Jim could retire on the earnings if he could encourage enough people to subscribe!
My laptop, now that I had just gotten it to the point where I wanted it, died last night. I have been having problems with apparent overheating affecting the display adapter, and it drew its final breaths lasst night. I finally was able to sset it on the A/C duct at home, and take the important stuff from the hard drive, before it died for good.... Anyone have an old Latiitude CPiA 400XT lying around for parts?

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