On Sun, 15 Jul 2007, Bill Schwab wrote:

> Yes, I could simply buy a machine (and might do so soon anyway), but I
> hate to scrap perfectly good computers, especially given how well they
> run Linux.

I've run 160 and 250GB drives in what some would consider some really old 
clunkers (PII-333 using Promise Ultra100TX2 since the built-in IDE was 
only ATA-33, and I currently have two old Tyan PIII (~1Ghz) systems 
running pairs of 160s using the built-in Promise controllers (but not 
Promise's softRAID).  In those, I did need a Promise BIOS update to get 
proper support for drives larger than X...can't remember if it was 128GB 
or 137GB.

If a BIOS update won't solve your problem, you might look into getting an 
IDE (or SATA) interface card, which will likely solve the problem.  If 
your machine is old enough, the IDE interfaces may suck anyway.  If they 
are ATA-100, I'd be surprised if a BIOS update wouldn't be all you need.

You really want one interface per drive though, so if you want 3 500s, I'd 
suggest a 4 (or more) port SATA card and SATA drives.

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