So, for debugging purposes (long story) I want to create a couple of
files which are precisely 


bytes long.  We were musing about optimal ways to do this.  I finally
punted and wrote code:

perl -e 
 ' for ( $i=shift; $i>=0; $i-= 1024 ) {read(STDIN,$b,$i<1024?$i:1024); print STDOUT $b } '

note the conceit that I'm pretending to block it. :P

mkfile does not seem to permit the submission of some input stream, so
you get a file full of zeros.

Of course, doing this with /dev/random takes a while. :)

So, how would you-all solve that one?  I have this intuition that
there's a simpler way I just can't find.

- Allen S. Rout