On Tue, 2 Jan 2007, Mauricio Tavares wrote:

> 	Yeah, I was thinking on xfs, but you suggest jfs instead?  How come? 
> Speed is not an issue as this machine is primarily to do backup to disk 
> (before going to tape/tsm).

I'd be wary of XFS.  Unless you have some ridiculous amount of RAM in that 
system to match the really big partition, you may find that when your XFS 
corrupts, you don't have enough RAM to complete an XFS repair.  Search the 
linux-xfs mailing list for more on that.

Do you really need 6TB in a single partition?  I wonder how many hours 
(days?) it'll take to fsck if/when you finally have to do it?  I once had 
a much smaller than that reiserfs take a weekend to repair.  BTW, has 
anyone else picked up development of reiserfs?  I suspect Hans is busy 
with other things.

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