I would definitely stick with Nvidia due to the fact that driver issues are
less likely to be a pain in the a$$ which is usually the case with ATI
(although I haven't tried any recently so they may have improved by now).  I
highly suggest nvidia if your going to be running dual displays, which it
sounds like you are.  The twinview setup is pretty straightforward and I've
been running it here at work and on my home machine flawlessly for about a
year now.

As far as models go, my home setup is running a Geforce 7900 (dual dvi).
Unfortunately, if you really want something that's native dual dvi your
going to have to pay for it.  I think the gf7900 ended up costing me around
$300+ from what I remember.  Granted, that was sometime last year so you
might be able to find them cheaper by now.


Todd Smith
Tower Hill Insurance Group, Inc
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Subject: Dual-DVI video card recommendations?

So I'm upgrading at work, and my new computer has PCI-E, so my old video
card won't work. Anyone have any suggestions for good video cards with
Dual-DVI (and of course, good linux support)? I just need something for
general office type work, so I'm thinking around the $100 range. 

Browsing on Newegg, most of the dual-DVI cards I found (at least in the
reasonable price range) are ATI Radeon based, but last time I went
looking, their linux support was crappy to non-existant, and I haven't
seen much recently that indicates thats changed. My old card is an
Nvidia, and has worked well, is Nvidia still a good choice? Any
particular model to look for?



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