* Arthur Sherman <[log in to unmask]> [2007-11-06 21:30:53 +0200]:
> A client asked me to build for him a mail solution, capable of sending up to
> 1 milllion emails a day, while each email doesn't exceed 50KB in size.

How many users will you have reading mail, or this outgoing mail only --
for "marketing" purposes?

Hardware-wise, Postfix can easily handle the sort of drops you are
talking about.

Victor Duchovni, resident Postfix guru, once set up an 11-machine
backend to do a million messages per hour. You could get away with fewer
servers if you are willing to extend your total drop time.

Assuming no A/V and/or content filtering, most setups are I/O
you definitely want a proper disk subsystem.

> 4) what is your recommended software solution

Postfix, LDAP, Dovecot, with a NetApp backend.

> 3) is there any max emails a day from IP/domain, which triggers black
>    and blocklists

That is the real problem. How big are your lists and where did you get
them from? A million emails a day sounds like you would run into trouble
very quickly.

In addition to the admins you hire to manage this mail setup, I would
strongly recommend you have a dedicated team of deliverability people.
Also, you should have multiple upstream ISPs, most ISPs nowadays are
fairly strict nowadays and a million message drop/day sounds like you
will be getting lots of cease-and-desist notices from your ISPs.


N.J. Thomas
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