On Mon, 26 Nov 2007, Bill Merriam wrote:

> I am experimenting with sending the necessary DTMF sounds to connect to
> a person, then dialing their inbound 800 number and connecting them to
> each other.  It is beautiful.  They don't understand what is happening
> and spend a lot of time calling each other rude morons.  They are right,
> they are rude morons.

Funny you should mention that.  I got tired of the continuous stream of 
junk faxes that pour out of the fax machine next to my desk at work.  A 
couple of days before the TG break, I decided to have some fun with them. 
I wasn't quite sure how to use asterisk to bridge two dial-out calls 
together while letting me listen in (though I'm sure it's possible if I 
read up some more on the docs), so we did the next best thing.  I have a 
coworker who's desk is really close to mine.  We'd each dial the toll free 
number from the fax on speaker phone and sit there listening to the call 
center workers talking to each other.  Most were annoyed, but one actually 
appreciated the joke.  I was just amazed that two speaker phones were able 
to converse with each other.

Care to share the dial-plan logic you use to do this?

For my next trick, I want to have call centers from different junk faxes 
talk to each other.  People from the came call center tended to recognize 
each other and were amused or annoyed.  I figure dueling call centers 
should really confuse them.

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