>> On Mon, 17 Dec 2007 14:55:59 -0500, Ward Lindsey <[log in to unmask]> said:

> While the OLPC concept is good, and you are helping bring technology
> to people and places where it was previously totally unavailable, if
> you just want a REALLY COOL TOY-

I'm not all that hot about the OLPC stated goals: they're a buncha
commies, as far as I'm concerned.  But the methods they've deployed
are methods I agree with, and I'm happy to giggle and help while they
distribute disruptive tech.

It seems a curious myopia to me: On the one side, they are explicitly
chasing some of the decentralized, disruptive "many-eyes" creative
work on curricula, but they don't seem to think it will apply to the
tech layer at all.

Or maybe Negroponte is the only one who's really deluded himself into
thinking the central org will retain any vestige of control, and all
the nerds are just chuckling at his naievite

AAAaany way, polemics aside, yes I'll bring it to the LUG.  And on
foot, it sounds like. :)

- Allen S. Rout