On Thu, Dec 20, 2007 at 08:54:21PM +0000, Tristan Lohman wrote:
> I disagree that motivated kids can defeat surveillance if used that
> way (target market is kids that have never seen a computer).

I'd perhaps agree if we were talking about dinosaurs (er, adults). But
to me it's pretty obvious that the kids will figure it out. It doesn't
matter that they've never seen a computer before. I didn't see a
computer til I was 7 or so, either (and *now* check me out! =D). Note
that I had to overcome the crippling influence of Windows 3.11 and 98.
The ascent to wizardry should be much faster for kids starting
out with a machine /designed for learning/.

> This will no more encourage surveillance practices than traffic
> cameras (which monitor large portions of the population) encourage a
> police state.

Topic for another day ;-).