On Sat, 29 Dec 2007, Jay Stannard wrote:

> She's been getting a lot of spam and was thinking about switching to
> Hotmail. I've played with the spam settings that the ISP ( gives
> me. The ISP uses Spamassassin, and I  set the threshold to aggressive and it
> hasn't helped. In addition, the webmail client has about the same
> functionality as UF webmail, not the same as the commercial solutions.

If it's largely certain types of spam you could try using some custom 
rules (either write them yourself, or search the web...there's lots of 
sites out there with additional SA rules) to catch the particular type of 
spam that's getting through.  If they're not using DNSBLs like the 
Spamhaus XBL, you could have SA do that (if it's not already) and tune the 
score for XBL hits way up.

As someone else mentioned, see if you have a recent version of SA.  Older 
versions (with their older rule sets) are going to miss spam that the 
latest would catch.  Spammers do adapt.

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