Hi guys,
  I'm looking for passionate web developers who are
proficient with Ruby on Rails or are experts in
similar web frameworks who could pick Rails up quickly.
I'm opening an office here, as lead programmer,
on behalf of a small, energetic California
The company uses Rails as its main
development tool and has so much work that its
looking to expand its company with the right people.

A few points:
* Pay starts at 50k
* Standard vacation
* Work with smart people who enjoy their work
* Overtime (anything over 40 hrs) is paid at time and a half !
* Laidback working environment (since I'm pretty laidback)
* Possiblity to work at home part of the time if advanced enough in Rails
* Possibility of travel to help clients on site and/or to meet the California team
* Possiblity of equity in Rails products you help create

Please contact me off list if interested.
I could meet up with interested people at the LUG meeting tonight.


Check out my website at
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