Hi Jon,

> 1 million a day really isn't such a tall order.  Since from 
> other messages in the thread, it sounds like you've admitted 
> this will be UCE / CAN-SPAM compliant spam, I suggest a 486 
> with 16mb RAM, and 540mb hard drive. 
> Those should literally be a dime a dozen.

One can really call it UCE, I am not calm about it myself, even if it is
legal here and his mailing will be bound to Israel only, frankly saying.
The only thing that stops me from saying no, besides the mentioned, is that
if he wants such a setup, he will eventually get it, from other sysadmins.
And it probably will be even more spammy and bad.
Right now he is sending through ISP mailers which allow it - for now.
Also, it is just an idea on this stage, no IP ranges or domain yet.
If he really goes with this, and we build it for him, I will actually try to
make you know whatever I can about him. 

I understand that the limit will be probably put on IP, not hardware, so I
thought of distributed cluster, with most servers in his data center and
several others in ISP, while every server sends up to 50K/day.
Still, same domain.
Gurus proposed to go with Postfix

What do you think about it?

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