> > The only thing that stops me from saying no, besides the 
> mentioned, is 
> > that if he wants such a setup, he will eventually get it, 
> from other 
> > sysadmins. And it probably will be even more spammy and bad.
> I'm sure, Arthur, that you've seen my reply on one of the 
> other lists you've posted this on.
> In that thread I pointed out that you've admitted you're a 
> spammer (if you design a system for him, then in the mind of 
> most anti-spammers you ARE him) and in this thread I notice 
> you admit you're a spammer several times (go back and read 
> all your posts).
> But let's presume for a moment that you're not; that you're 
> simply a nice guy wanting to build him a solution.
> Let's look at this analogy:
> You meet a guy in a bar who's soliciting to murder his wife.  
> He's met someone who wants to literally do a hatchet job.  
> Now he approaches you, to see if you have a neater solution.
> Surely you don't agree that you ought to kill the woman with 
> a single bullet, because it's less messy and bad?
> Or do you?
> And when you're called a murderer, is your excuse that he 
> would have had her killed anyway; at least you were willing 
> to do it in a less painful way?
> He's a spammer.  If you lie in his bed, then you begin to 
> smell like him very quickly.
> Look for a moment at a small part of Jon Lewis's siglines:
> <quote>
> I route
> therefore you are
> </quote>
> If systems administrators cease to route him into their 
> system, then he ceases to exist.  This will happen incredibly 
> quickly.  He may want to do it "nicely" and "according to 
> some rules" (I'm not an Israeli attorney; I have no idea if 
> he's doing anything legal or not, and frankly, I don't care), 
> but ironically, that makes it even easier for systems 
> administrators to get his IP#s shut down.  Better for his 
> spam-loving customers that they go with spambot vendors.  
> They'll at least get their dreck delivered to some portion of 
> the addresses they're paying to mail to.
> Jeff

The point understood and taken.

I must say I was tempted for a while to go with him, though I wasn't sure he
is not a spammer, neither I am now.
Nevertheless, it smells badly, I admit.

What I really wanted from all the thread was to learn mail systems better,
even including the darker side.
Just like when you build a brand new server, you test its weak points from

Right now I now:

1) spam is bad;
2) spammers are bad either;
3) if I go with the bad guys, I am doomed forever... (which is good since
the good still prevails over the bad :);
4) I learned that for LEGIT mail system, the load of 1 million/day is not a
biggie really.

I would like to learn the deeper technical aspects of it, but will do it not
right now, maybe on the next flame session. :)

Now, guys, really thank you, for both the ethical and technical opinions.
Probably, many here learned the lesson.