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> hello all
> there is one piece of wtf moment that I had I wanna share 
> with you guys.
>  Gavin, Nile, Nelson and I had to visit the SG finance office 
> because of
> bureaucracy (another story another time). So right next door to it is
> the SG IT office and the door is wide open, as we walk by I 
> notice there
> is one random guy sitting in it. As nile and nelson are 
> conversing with
> finance people I go into the IT office to ask about installing OOo in
> the free student printing lab, since you cant install 
> anything in there
> unlike AT labs and I cant print any of my odt. I walk in, the 
> guy looks
> up at me, "Hi, I am a student here and I was wondering if you can
> install OpenOffice along with MS Office at the printing lab, because I
> cant print any of my documents." He looks at me for about a 
> second. With
> a completely serious tone he says "OpenOffice is an open 
> source software
> and is therefore less secure than ms outlook." I stare at him, at this
> point there are about a hundred thousand things I want to say to this
> guy but I realize all of them would be utterly pointless, 
> fail to stifle
> couple of snickers. I walk out with him yelling something at 
> my back. To
> say that all of us had a good laugh is an understatement.
> - - Eldo
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