On Wednesday 03 January 2007 04:39 am, Ken Sallot wrote:

> I believe Novell has one or two guys maintaining reiser 3.6.  Hans
> wasn't actively supporting it anyway because he was trying to push
> everyone towards reiser 4.

Novell actually announced they were dropping support for ReiserFS a few 
days before the annuncement of Hans' arrest.

> BTW, I think namesys is up for sale if you want to get into the file
> system business.

The question is how much would it be worth without Hans Reiser?  
Depending on if you think him a an asset or a liability, either or more 
or less than it would cost without him.

Note this is not meant to be any kind of indictment of Hans Reiser.  I 
know him personally.  The last time I saw him (he was with his wife and 
kids and they seemed to be getting along well as a family, which goes 
against a lot of what's been said about him in the press recently) he 
told me I probably shouldn't consider Reiser4 yet, and that I should 
consider ReiserFS (3) only if I needed a lot of small files.  For 
example, I might have decided (but didn't) to use it for a Maildir 

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