On Monday 16 April 2007 05:42 am, Arthur Sherman wrote:

> I need to fully understand what is chaining certs and shared ssl, so
> that I could implement it.
> Googling didn't help me much, although there was a plenty of
> reluslts.
> Would someone be so kind to guide me to the right howto?
> I will implement it on CentOS-4.4 (BlueQuartz Hosting appliance)

Arthur, I don't currently run any BQ boxen, but I recall that you could 
enter a chained cert on the RaQ550; can't you do it from the BQ 

Or are you wondering from where you get the chained cert?

A shared cert is something you implement yourself; generally we create a domain, where we replace with our domain 
name, and then under that domain we create folders, and give each user 
ftp access to that folder.

For example, if the user's main site is:

then you can give him an ftp account to write to the '' 
inside the web-directory of your "" domain, and he 
can call that in his code as:

I don't think you're up, or I'd call you.  Feel free to call me if you'd 
like, but if you get voicemail try again at +1 909 266-9209, which 
forwards to my cellphone.

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