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Microsoft is open sourcing some very nice pieces of technology. They
have reimplemented Ruby, Python, Javascript, and OCaml as .NET
languages. They have released their new dynamic language runtime
(DLR), a sandboxing runtime called Silverlight, as well as the first
two of those four languages, under the Microsoft Permissive License,
which seems like a very open license. OCaml is provided free as in
beer, but under a more restrictive license that might keep it out of
Linux distros.

Here is the Microsoft Permissive License. It is a short license that
doesn't seem to have any weird strings attached.

This is a very significant gift to the open source community, and I
don't see any indication of Trojans hiding inside.

Probably more of a reactionary move than anything. 

Adobe open sources Flex, and waddaya know?...magically, Microsoft does the same with their competitive product a week later.  Flex is licensed under MPL, supported on RedHat, Mac, and Solaris already.  What are the chances you're gonna see cross platform, multi-platform, or alternative platform development tools for Silverlight?  Ok, maybe the mono people will get something working 6months to a year from now.  Flex works with eclipse today.

Dont get me wrong, its a step in the right direction.  But I'm not ready to believe ms has somehow seen the light.  They're just trying to get back into a game thats passed them by.